Conversational Russian METRO Club

Speak fluent Russian and understand natives
  • Don't understand Russian by ear
    Feel lost in the fast pace & stop listening? Can't recognize familiar words because don't know pronunciation rules?
  • Can't think in Russian
    Still translate everything in your head when listening and speaking? Can't think in Russian straight away?
  • Have limited vocabulary
    Have a small vocabulary that grows very slowly? Hate memorizing words, vocabulary lists & flash cards?
  • Struggle with grammar
    Build sentences one word at a time and struggle with endings & prepositions? Ashamed because of mistakes?
  • No system
    Podcasts, movies, and videos seem entertaining? It's nice but because they often switch the topics, you don't feel confident in any of these topics

  • Not much progress
    Feel that it doesn't matter how much effort you put into your Russian, you are not getting much in return and are stuck at Intermediate level for years?
  • "Textbook" Russian
    Noticed that Russian you learned from textbooks is different from the way people actually talk in real life and in movies?
  • Lack of resources
    Resources out there are either for beginners, or too formal (politics), or use slow Russian. No much teaching to talk about daily life in a native-like way.
You're stuck at Intermediate level and want to break through to the Advanced level so you can confidently talk about daily life
You want to learn a "native-like" style of talking with colloquial expressions that educated native speakers use when talking informally
You are open to trying a new method and can spend 30 min. a day to go through the program in small steps at your own pace
You prefer to self-study and have access to a teacher for questions & HW check and practice speaking in a small group
  • Russian for travel
    Plan to visit a new country, see places, do things and want to be prepared and feel safe knowing that you can take care of any issues so you can enjoy your trip?
  • Living in Russia
    Talking with officials, doctors, police, make you nuts? Don't understand what they want and are afraid to say something wrong? Perceive Russian speech around you as "white noise" and "turn it off" instead of listening?

  • Russian for business
    Want to do business in Russian -speaking country without relying on an interpreter? Looking for new business partners? Need to build a network in a new country?
  • Russian for work
    Missing good job offers and promotions, not getting a raise because of low Russian skills? Need to pass a test in Advanced Russian for your next assignment?

"I love Russian Club Metro and starkly recommend it
to intermediate learners to take their Russian to the next level. "
- Yossi Barzilai

Russian Metro Club

An end-to-end solution that will take you from Intermediate to Advanced Russian and will give you the freedom to speak Russian fluently and understand spoken speech

1. Online course in Advanced Russian

2. Unique brain-friendly method

3. Access to the experienced teachers

4. Club: community and fun activities

  • 7-Step Method
    Our neuroscience-based method trains your ear to understand spoken Russian by using a sequence of steps that our brain finds logical. You'll use these steps in each lesson and feel comfortable following fast speech
  • Advanced Russian course
    Professionally designed 141 online lessons on 12 daily life topics describes in depth all aspects of Russian daily life in audio and PDF format. You work on all skills, in a structured way in small steps
  • Community & Club Activities
    Two 60-min. Zoom speaking sessions per month in small groups (4-6 students) help you to develop fluency in speaking. Telegram Chat with games, audios and videos helps you to build up your skills by just playing and becoming a part of the community
  • Teachers' help
    You'll have a daily access to two teachers. Marina Koker will answer your questions and check your homework in our Facebook group. Angelina Usacheva teaches speaking sessions and leads Telegram chat activities
A comprehensive university-level Russian program

minutes of audio

practical words

grammar/ vocab infographics & exercises
12 topics describe different aspects of daily life in Russia the way Russians talk about it between themselves with all details so you can also talk about it native-like way
  • Daily Routine
  • Home
  • Leisure Time
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Holidays
  • Health
  • Biography
  • Family
  • Education
  • Work
  • Communication & Internet
Read more about each topic
Each topic includes 10-15 lessons and it is carefully structured: it is broken into 3 subtopics related to the main situations people are dealing with in their daily life, and each subtopic is broken into 3-5 lessons. You can memorize a large amount of vocabulary on each topic gradually and confidently
Each lesson includes
  • 5-12 min. audio at a normal and a slower pace
    Downloadable audio is a core of each lesson. It tells you about one of the aspects of daily life in Russia and is packed with carefully selected 50-60 new practical words.
    • Put your headphones on and listen to it anywhere - on your way to work, while walking in the park, working out, cooking dinner, or having a cup of coffee - and learn the native way of talking about it - with their exact words and intonation
  • 50-60 digital flashcards in Quizlet
    Quizlet app uses spaced repetition method to help you learn vocabulary faster & easier. We add all new words for each our lesson to this app.
    • Memorize new words by playing interactive games with our vocab flashcards
  • 20-25 pages workbook in PDF
    It is downloadable and includes everything you need to fully understand the audio and be ready to talk about its topic:
    1. Full transcript of the audio with stress marks to practice reading skills,
    2. New vocabulary translated as individual words and as whole sentences or sentence chunks for your full comprehension of the audio,
    3. Difficult words explained the way it make sense and easy to remember: the long words are reconstructed into prefix/root/suffix/ending parts in word clusters, the meanings of complex words are presented in infographics,
    4. New grammar concepts explained in a clear and visual way in infographics so it makes sense and you don't struggle with Russian grammar any more,
    5. Lots of exercises in vocabulary, grammar, translation, listening, writing and speaking to help you learn ready-to-use sentence chunks you need for talking.
    • Print it to take notes, complete exercises or highlight important information so you memorize the whole sentences and sentence blocks you need to talk about this topic.
"Lessons are tailored to constantly
reinforce what we have just learned"
- Catherine Gaudiot
How your SKILLS will transform
You'll feel confident in talking about things you do every day, weather & clothes, your work & school, getting around, traveling by plane, train, or car, staying at a hotel, buying groceries & cooking, going to restaurants, visiting a doctor, talking to a pharmacist and your kids' teachers
    You'll stop translating each word in your head and instead be able to follow the flow of speech, use your grammar knowledge to identify the unknown words and keep in mind that a string of words together may sound differently that the same words individually
    We'll remove your language barrier and you'll speak about daily life fluently in a native-like way because you’ll think in Russian with sentence chunks popping up in your head - with right endings/prepositions and native pronunciation
    Russian grammar will make total sense to you! You'll eliminate the gaps in your grammar, learn 500+ high-frequency grammar structures and be able to grammatically correctly express yourself. You'll learn without cramming and use in your speech 7000+ carefully selected practical words & phrases including 800+ common colloquialisms
How your LIFE will change
You’ll experience Russian-speaking countries in a deeper way than typical tourists: visit places outside of typical tourist traps, talk with the staff of the hotels, stores and restaurants without dictionaries and interpreters
Life in Russia
Your life will become less stressful because you’ll be ready to deal with various situations by knowing what to expect and how to talk with the officials, teachers at your kids' school, doctors and neighbors, in the bank, in the pharmacy. You'll earn respect of locals for speaking their language fluently
Work and business
You’ll be able to pass an Advanced test in Russian and get a promotion and a pay raise, successfully complete the interview and get a job at an international company, and get more business with Russian-speaking partners, clients, and customers
You’ll get along with your Russian relatives, friends and co-workers more easily because you’ll understand not only what they say, but also how they live and what is important to them. You'll feel connected to people and accepted as one of them


• 7-Step Comprehension Boosting method

• 4 online lessons/ month (1 lesson/ week)

• 2 60-min small group Zoom sessions/ month for speaking practice

• Interactive vocab flashcards in Quizlet

• Facebook group for asking questions

• Telegram chat for extra practice

• Email support

• Lifetime access to the lessons

• Homework corrected & explained

• 4 60-min. private Zoom sessions with Dr. Koker/ month for speaking practice


• 7-Step Comprehension Boosting method

• 4 online lessons/ month (1 lesson/ week)

• 2 60-min small group Zoom sessions/ month for speaking practice

• Interactive vocab flashcards in Quizlet

• Facebook group for asking questions

• Telegram chat for extra practice

• Email support

• Lifetime access to the lessons

• Homework corrected & explained

• 4 60-min. private Zoom sessions with Dr. Koker/ month for speaking practice

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  1. You can test our program risk-free with ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL. After you signed, you will have instant access to the lesson #1 of the program for 7 days at no charge. If for any reason you don't like it, email us at within 7 days, and we will stop the membership. Your card is not going to be charged, and you can keep the lesson.
  2. We offer a 30-DAYS 100% REFUND. After your one-week trial ends, pay for the first month of the Standard or Premium membership, receive and study lessons # 2-5 and participate in all activities. If you don't like it, email us at within 30 days, and get a 100% refund. You can even keep the materials.
Why Russian METRO Club?
It builds up your confidence because instead of jumping through random topics, you'll follow our system and learn each topic with all its 500+ vocabulary in depth before moving to the next one
Downloadable materials and online club activities makes learning easy to fit any schedule. Download lessons to your computer, so you can take breaks when you need and return to the lessons whenever you're ready
Authentic Russian
You'll learn real spoken Russian not simplified for foreigners - with common colloquialisms, in its natural fast pace. Eventually, you won't need a slower pace audio any more
Heavy lifting on us
We do all heavy lifting for you: we help you memorize large amounts of words without cramming and explain grammar in a short, clear and visual way
Sentence chunks
Instead of memorizing individual words and grammar rules, you'll memorize ready-to-use sentence chunks with all endings /prepositions and correct pronunciation - the easiest way to get fluency
Save time
It' is "all-in-one" solution for your fluency so you can use 100% of the time you have for Russian to work on your skills instead of looking for study resources
Right level
It is the best study content for those who want to break through the Intermediate plateau: authentic, engaging and challenging (not too hard for A2, not too easy for B2)
Easy to study
Lessons are broken down into small portions so you can study 30 min. a day. Attractive design helps to understand and learn. The teachers' support keeps up your motivation
Study lessons at your pace
Go through each lesson at your pace in small steps using our "7-Step System" and Quizlet app for the best results and remember native way to talk about this topic for ever
Post questions & homework
Post your questions in our Facebook group, and I'll answer them. Post your homework there too, and I will correct it (error correction is for Premium plan only)
Practice speaking
Work on your fluency in our speaking classes twice a month in small groups of 4-6 students via Zoom.
Learn through playing
Participate in various activities in our Telegram chat: play games, record audios, discuss videos, chat with peers.
  • The best part of the program is Marina’s fantastic teaching skills and her passion to help her students learn. 10 out of 10!
    David Bagdy
  • If you are Intermediate to Advanced Marina has a lot to offer and will give you time and attention you can’t find elsewhere.
    Maria Johnson
That is what club members think about the Conversational Russian METRO Club program.
Most practical Advanced Russian
from your smartphone 30 min. a day

Do you have any questions I didn't answer?

Text me in WhatsApp +1 801 824 5760 so I can answer your questions and you'll have a clear idea if my program is right for you.

Read full reviews

Catherine Gaudiot

I started studying Russian four years ago, but I worked alone off and on.

Self-study isn’t stimulating and I didn’t make much progress.

I joined the Metro Club 9 months ago. I appreciate receiving podcasts and reading material every week. It encourages me to work regularly. The club offers a wide range of topics and several lessons on a specific topic. It helps me to learn more about Russian culture and way of life.

The courses are tailored to constantly reinforce what we have just learned.

Listening to the podcasts greatly helped me to develop my listening comprehension.

It’s very rewarding to see that you understand better and better every week.

The reading material with grammar notes, word clusters and infographics offers a strong basis for developing your understanding and speaking skills.

I now feel much more confident and I’m better able to express myself.

What I particularly appreciate is Marina’ dedication and cheerful benevolence, her attention and reactivity. She is accessible to her students, who may refer to her when they have doubts. Whenever I asked her a question, I got a quick, accurate and helpful answer.

That is invaluable.

I would recommend the program to motivated, intermediate students, who are ready to work regularly, at least four or five hours a week, in order to reach an advanced level.

Michael Lutz

Good day to all! My name is Michael and I have been learning Russian on and off for 7 years. I had previously tried self-study with Rosetta Stone, as well as some textbooks, and while living in Moscow, I had tried various teachers.

I stumbled upon METRO club before it launched and have participated since Day 1. At the time I felt I was at a high A2, low B1 level and METRO club was exactly what I needed. It required some extra work on my part to maximize the usefulness of the materials presented but it has been well worth it. I like the multiple tiered approach

– Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The weekly podcasts provide an insight into not just the language but the culture. As someone that lives and works in Moscow, I’ve noticed myself immediately using a concept I learned from the lessons.

I’ve also been doing private lessons with Marina for over half a year. The private lessons have helped to fill in my knowledge gap about cases, while the podcasts provide a more general knowledge base. I’ve noticed an improvement in my listening and speaking, as well as reading and understanding. The writing is still a work in progress but its also not the focus of this course.

The program is very unique. All of the materials are created by Marina which means she knows how to teach/explain the materials. She isn’t using someone else’s textbook and just doing boring exercises with you. Most importantly, the podcasts truly train your ear to pick up the language the way natives talk and that is very important.

Marina also clearly explains how to use the materials. First to listen to the podcasts before even looking at the text, to see how much you can understand. The podcasts are presented at two speeds, one normal and one slower. I listen to the same weekly podcasts daily during breakfast and can understand how my brain is trained by the end of the week. The quick native speech from Monday seems normal speed by Friday and the slower speech from Monday seems like a turtle by the end of the week. But the slower speech is very useful for understanding where the stress is in the word.

Overall, Marina is easily the best teacher I have ever had with Russian. She knows the language inside and out and can answer any questions I have regarding history or context of certain words. She also focuses on the stress in the word, as well as government forms (which words/grammar come after certain verbs) and that is not something most teachers even discuss. She wants you to understand and speak the language as a native from the outset of your studies.

I would recommend METRO Club to anyone that has a general foundation of vocabulary, a cursory understanding of the grammar, and is ready for the next step. But even if you aren’t ready for the next step, private lessons with Marina will help you up your level quickly to understand the podcasts.

Marina gives you all the tools to be successful and it is up to you to use them wisely. I could be far more advanced if I would spend more time with the materials than I do, but I am very satisfied with my current progress and would recommend Marina and her METRO club to anyone interested in learning the language.

Tony Lyver

I have been an on/off student of Russian whose last Russian experience ended 26 years ago. Since then I have been, mostly, watching Russian videos with Russian subs. I decided long ago I wanted to do and see some special things in Russia so I needed study. Movies alone would not do.

Then in January 2020, I found a link for Conversational Russian Club "Metro." while looking for a new course with new material, style, or a “new method.”

I liked the Metro concept compared to quite a few others I have tried.

  • Lessons have no spoken English.
  • The subjects are from everyday life but the foundation is usable anywhere.
  • Use of colloquial expressions is big for me.
  • The lessons are short enough to keep my interest but are indeed full of new material plus some reuse of earlier terms.
  • There are fast and slow-paced central spoken lessons.
  • Written exercises excellently reinforce the spoken central portion.
  • There is a group call every month that is more than just practice as you watch others improve as well. The spoken portion, either speed, is done in a clearly professional tireless easy to listen to voice.

Two big weaknesses plagued me:

  • the inability to comprehend normal Russian pace
  • I translated into English both speaking and listening.

By August (after 4 months in the club), I noticed both were changing and today have changed completely.

Russian people who haven’t seen me for a while, ask me what I have been doing to achieve the improvement. I also believe the easing of my prize-winning accent is bonus.

I find there are changes, in a big way, to my vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and thus the ability to communicate in both directions.

I also can follow at a much faster pace than before. Enough so, one day I heard a lesson in my car and after I heard the slow portion start, I realized I had just listened to the normal portion and understood it.

I feel anyone who has the basic foundation of grammar will find a surge in vocab and style enough in the first month, to envision what completing the whole “Metro” series will do for them.

David Bagdy
United States
I do business in Russia and travel there often. I have been studying Russian to some extent for years. I would hit plateaus, digress, and restart. I went through this cycle for years grasping some level of competence but only to hit a wall.

Metro Club presented a clear 7 step program along with the resources to implement the program. I feel I have a lot of Russian language knowledge in my head. Metro Club helps me knit it together and move forward. 

After starting the 7 step program in Metro Club I wanted to improve my foundation of the language and moved to private lessons with Marina Private lessons with Marina have been a tremendous help. Marina is dedicated to the improvement of her students. I currently have 2 lessons per week with Marina and spend an hour or so per day studying. 

My biggest accomplishment has been gaining more confidence in the Russian language. 
The biggest change has been my confidence in using the language which is taking me to the next level. The drills that Marina presents in our lessons have been a tremendous help. 

The Metro Club is for serious learners of Russian. There are too few resources available today that can take a serious learner past the beginner level. Metro Club has nailed it. 

Metro Club has the plan, the resources, and most importantly the guidance to help you reach your language learning goals.

Russian Mobile Academy is an excellent place to improve your intermediate Russian Language skills. The program is put together in a very user friendly manner. It is sure to hone all your language skills. The best part of the program is Marina’s fantastic teaching skills and her passion to help her students learn. 10 stars.
Fr. Philaret
United States

I had been studying Russian off and on for about 3 years before joining the Conversational Russian METRO Club. I had substantial gaps in my knowledge and ongoing trouble engaging in even very simple conversations. After a few months in the METRO Club, I noticed that I was doing much better at understanding the spoken word and was able to speak more confidently. The Club’s format of having regular opportunities to practice speaking with other students proved both enjoyable and productive.

But what makes this program truly unique is Marina’s 7 Step system of learning, which prioritizes listening. As a visual learner, my comprehension of written text was always much better than my understanding of speech. However, by forcing myself to listen intently—and only later adding the reading of the words—my ability to identify all of the words in long string of quickly-passing syllables dramatically improved.

Another characteristic aspect of this program is its incorporation of colloquialisms and emphasis on natural, flowing Russian speech. Learning how to say things as Russians say them was a critical step for enhancing my ability to follow a conversation, which has decreased my reliance on body language and non-verbal signals.

Although this program isn’t for beginners, those who have a basic understanding of the Russian language would greatly benefit from the Conversation Russian METRO Club. I enthusiastically recommend this Club to all who, like myself, had trouble moving beyond the rudiments of Russian but wish to grow in their understanding and appreciation of this rich language.

Fr. David
United States

I took one semester of Russian in college. The rest of my study time has been with the Russian Mobile Academy – about 30 hours in 2018-2019 and then in the METRO Club since April 2020.

I really value how the METRO Club is an all-in-one package. First, I get to hear spoken Russian podcasts about topics that arise in everyday speech. I can refer to them again and again because these are the topics that I want to talk about with Russian speakers. An accompanying written lesson breaks down each podcast into bite-sized pieces, and the Seven Step Method is the road map! I follow the steps at my own pace, all the while building both my Russian speaking and reading abilities, and my self-confidence. A special bonus to the METRO Club is that there is an option to have Zoom lessons online with its founder, Dr. Marina Koker.

Since beginning my studies at the RMA, I have made two multi-week trips to Russia to visit religious and cultural sites. I was able to communicate with hosts and strangers while there because of everything I learned at the RMA. Additionally, I can now listen to and read Russian language content online in a way that I could not before.

Learning Russian is a marathon, not a sprint. With the RMA/METRO Club I go at my own pace, adapting my studies to the busy circumstances of daily life without feeling like I am failing or falling behind.

I would recommend RMA/METRO Club to anybody who wants to learn Russian in a way that lasts a lifetime!

Bobby Hayes
United States

When I moved to a mountain from a large city, I searched for an effective way to continue my Russian study. My Internet is very poor so Skype was out of the question. Even my telephone doesn't work at times. Luckily, I found Conversational Russian Metro Club. It allows me to advance my language skills at my convenience without a dependence upon fast Internet. Conversational Russian Metro Club is reasonably priced and its professionally developed learning materials are outstanding. In short, they focus on all facets of life in Russia, family, school, work, daily routine, home, leisure tie, etc. Conversational Russian Metro Club's Marina Koker, PhD, includes readings in both regular and slow speeds, key vocabulary definitions and model sentences, idioms, grammar and other learning aids. She even harnessed the interactive learning power of Quizlet to allow members to reinforce vocabulary used in the weekly lessons. I heartily recommend Conversational Russian Metro Club for all A2 - C learners who prefer independent study.

Yossi Barzilai
I am very satisfied with the very innovative and original Russian Club Metro. The Russian used in the audios as well as in the written lesson is authentic and engaging. For a B2 learner as myself it’s nice to find challenging and content that allows me to expand my knowledge. I like that the podcasts are spoken in both fast and slow Russian and the PDFs are dynamic and designed in a way that facilitates the learning process. So do the cards in the Quizlet app. I love Russian Club Metro and starkly recommend it to intermediate learners to take their Russian to the next level.
Maria Johnson
United States
Once you are above “beginner,” two things happen: 1. It is very hard to find learners content and 2. Teachers are less responsive because your question or contribution isn’t just a two-second reply. Marina provides INTERMEDIATE content: themed vocabulary and high-frequency grammar structures to propel you forward at a higher level. My favorite feature is that she reads and corrects my writing. I feel free to write even above my level because I know I will get some feedback. If your are intermediate to advanced, Marina has a lot to offer and will give you time and attention you can’t find elsewhere.
Haval Stuni
I can say that this is the best Russian Course I have ever taken, even better than the course we took in university, I highly recommend it for everyone who want to get fluency in Russian. Thank you marina
Xenia Williams
United States
I love how everything is there, the 7 step process, the audio with both the normal and slow tempo, (which I put on my pod player and listen to) and the grammar and vocabulary work, all in bit size groupings to help you keep a daily practice.

I got a good review on my pronunciation from my choir director already.
Flora Nagy
United Kingdom
I have been studying Russian for 12 years, including higher studies. I have qualified as a teacher of Russian but I haven’t actively used the language because I didn’t have enough vocabulary for real life situations. It was more academic whilst we skipped the colloquial language at a really good level. As a consequence of that I didn’t feel confident to speak Russian.

I decided to join the METRO Club to learn useful everyday language / I have learnt Russian grammar systematically before, although I have forgotten things, but my main focus was on the vocabulary.

I have been in the METRO Club for about 2 years now. I have completed about 4 topics but it’s my fault. In the future I will try to pick up speed and learn at a much faster pace.
How I work with each lesson. I read the lesson and listen to the podcast at a normal and slow pace. Then I go through vocabulary and then read the lesson or its parts again. Also, I started doing the exercises but it might be too much at one go.

The next time I read the same lesson again and check the words I'm not sure of, and try to finish all the exercises.

I just discovered that the Quizlet can be a useful tool for memorizing vocabulary!
The time I spend with each lesson depends on how efficient I feel learning it at the moment.

I enjoy learning more colloquial words. I overheard 2 Russian ladies having a chat in the shop in England and I understood one of them does rope skipping in her spare time. I never could understand this before. I have to find more opportunities to talk with Russian people.

I would recommend METRO Club to anyone who already has a solid foundation in Russian but feels a bit stuck and would like to overcome this by developing their skills with the help of quality teaching materials with good helping tools.
Zouheir Fathallah
The level of support and flexibility has been tremendous. However, the main reason I joined is because the teaching methodology works perfectly for me. I’ve had several teachers before and I never felt close to making progress because of a lack of continuity of context or planning. This method is fun, practical and packed with learning content used everyday. I knew I would like it, it wasn’t even a gamble.
Suzi Gobeli
I have been learning Russian for a long time, but have not made any more progress. Marina's course is exactly what I was looking for. With this course I'm systematically expanding my vocabulary and the grammar topics are consolidated. And because the course is built brain-friendly, you learn very quickly. There is also a chat and a speaking club to reinforce what you have learnt. I highly recommend this course.
Paul Kozachenko
United States
I have a Russian background, but my Russian was limited to conversational Russian with my relatives, and now only with my mother. We frequently intersperse American words. Before joining Metro Club, I was not studying. I tried reviewing my grammar books but learning modern Russian via grammar books is extremely cumbersome and dull.

I decided to join Metro Club after reading Marina’s approach to learning Russian. I thought that her approach was exactly what I needed.

The Metro Club program is excellent. The approach provides a practical approach to learning Russian. The materials are logically presented and are interesting to work with.

As for my private lessons with Marina, I can say, without reservation, that Marina is by far the best teacher I have ever had. Quite obviously, she is extremely knowledgeable regarding the Russian language, but in addition, she knows how to teach the language. She has quickly determined my level and focused her approach in a way that maximizes my learning. 

Now not only has my comprehension improved, but I feel much more comfortable engaging in conversations. Russians have noticed because instead of switching to English, conversations now continue in Russian.  Subsequent conversations start and continue in Russian. 

I give Metro Club my highest and unreserved recommendation.  If you want to learn Russian, this is the program for you. Also, if you can, you should not hesitate to work directly with Marina. You will be glad you did!
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