Conversational Russian METRO Club:
Technology & Internet
Talk about modern technologies the same way Russians do.
The most practical Russian they don't teach in college.
For those who want to be fluent and understand fast speech

Level: B2/ Advanced Length: 3 months
This program is for you if...
  • Your Russian is at Intermediate or Low Intermediate level and you want to speak about modern technologies same way Russians do between themselves
  • You want to understand when Russians talk about smartphones, laptops, things they do on the internet and on social media without fear of not understanding what you are being told
  • You like to self-study at your own pace in small steps but want to have your questions answered by an experienced teacher and to practice speaking in a small group
  • You self-study Russian and need a structured course to move to the next level up
  • You live in Russia now and fluency in Russian is critical for you
  • You speak Russian but need more vocabulary about this specific topic
  • You studied Russian some time ago but want to get back to speed with your Russian skills

After this program you will

  • Comfortably keep up with Russians when they talk about technology & internet and fully understand them, even when they speak fast
  • Increase your vocabulary by over 550 practical Russian words (including 180+ specific for this topic, 270+ general, used in many topics, and 100+ colloquial words and expressions that most textbooks don't include) - the ones native speakers use when they talk about this topic. All - without putting much effort and dry cramming.
  • Stop translating everything in your head. Instead of trying to build sentences from separate words, you will speak about this topic in sentence chunks and start thinking in Russian
  • Talk about this topic with confidence in a native-like way with only minimal errors
"Lessons are tailored to constantly
reinforce what we have just learned"
- Catherine Gaudiot
What this program includes
  • Unique Method
    A well-thought-out program based on modern methodology that helps to develop fluency and understand fast speech
  • 11 Lessons
    Lessons include everything you need to talk about Technologies & Internet in a structured way, in small steps, visually appealing.
  • Vocabulary

    Learn 550+ very practical words (for this topic and in general) without cramming with Quizlet app and other tools

  • Speaking Practice
    Each month: two-three 60-min small group sessions to work on speaking skills
  • Facebook Group
    Ask me there any questions about the lessons in our private Facebook group and get my answers within 24 hours
  • Telegram Chat
    Fun ways to grow skills by playing games, recording short audios, discussing videos, chatting with peers and instructors

"I love Russian Club Metro and starkly recommend it
to intermediate learners to take their Russian to the next level. "
- Yossi Barzilai
What each lesson includes
  • Audio
    A 5-12 min. audio in authentic practical Russian at a normal and at a slower pace. Audio is downloadable so you can listen to it anywhere - while walking in the park, having breakfast or going to work.
  • The Lesson itself in PDF
    Each PDF is 20-25 pages long and includes a full transcript of the audio with stress marks, 50-60 vocabulary words (translated and broken down into groups to guide you on where and how to use it), teaching points (that explain grammar and vocabulary in clear and colorful way and include exercises to help you memorize all important words and structures), listening and speaking activities, and questions where you use new language to talk about yourself and your country.
    It is also downloadable so you can store it on your computer, take notes, write on it with a pen and highlight important information.
  • Vocabulary flash cards
    New vocabulary of the lesson in a learning app Quizlet. Quizlet uses spaced repetition approach and makes AI help you to memorize words through playing with digital flashcards and interactive games and by keeping track of what you learned.
Each lesson has

minutes of audio

new words

grammar/ vocab infographics & exercises
How you'll study
Study the lessons
Go through the online lessons following our 7-Step System for the best results.
Learn vocab and grammar you need to talk about the topic easily in small steps doing fun activities.
By the end of each lesson feel comfortable understanding its topic at fast pace and be ready to talk about it.
Ask questions
Whenever you have questions about the lessons, go to the Russian METRO Club Facebook group and post them there. I will answer them within 24 hours.
Develop fluency
Work on your fluency and polish your pronunciation by talking about daily life at Russian METRO Club speaking sessions 2-3 times a month (in Zoom, 60-min., in small groups of 3-6 students).
Maintain your skills daily
Use it or lose it - it's true for all skills. Go every day to our Russian METRO Club Telegram chat to chat with a teacher and peers, play games, do fun activities watch short videos, and get encouragement to keep moving. All in Russian.
How much it costs
Contact us by email or Whatsapp about paying in full and having immediate access to all the lessons
7 Day Guarantee
We fully stand behind the quality of our product. But we understand that you want some insurance, so we offer you a 7 day money-back guarantee. You will have immediate access to 4 lessons after the payment. If for any reason you don't like the lessons, email us at support@russianmobileacademy.com within 7 days after your purchase, and we will give you 100% refund. You can even keep the materials.
What our members say
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Course Author

Top Rated

Dr. Marina Koker is a Certified Instructor and a Published Author.

She received her B.A./M.A. in Russian language from the Lomonosov Moscow State University. and her Ph.D in Russian language from the V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Science

30+ Years of Teaching Experience
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior Russian courses at the universities in Russia & in Latvia, in the U.S. at the University of Utah and in U.S. government intensive Russian programs.
Dr. Koker designed 12 Russian language courses (online and offline) and wrote two textbooks for Advanced/ Superior Russian learners.

Result-Based Methodology

Dr. Koker has been constantly looking for the most efficient ways of teaching Russian. Using task-based and proficiency-based methods, she has created her own “7-Step Comprehension Boosting Method" that helps develop listening skills quickly and in a stress-free way.

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